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Amy Kobb
Teresa Gary
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Daniel and Amy Kobb
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Kevin and Tonya Layell
Marion and Teresa Gary
Neil and Becky Green
Mark and Cindy Beasley
Areté : excellency, being pleasing to God, the excellence of God revealed in the work of salvation.

Areté denotes in a moral sense what gives man his worth, his efficiency.

In the New Testament:
virtue, excellency, perfection (1 Peter 2:9); the virtue as a force or energy of the Holy Spirit accompanying the preaching of the glorious Gospel, called glory in 2 Peter 1:3; human virtue in general (Philippians 4:8); courage fortitude, resolution (2 Pet. 1:5), moral excellence.

a•re•té(ahr - i - tey) n.moral excellence.
Origin: Greek - aretḗ